Biomedical Sciences Advanced Concentration in Cancer Biology

Celebrating the First Graduates of the Program

Yue Yue Jiang was presented with a pre-doctoral award at the 2017 Research Day. Pictured with Dr. Dietmar Siemann, left, and Dr. Jonathan Licht, right.
The goal of the cancer biology concentration is to establish a vibrant academic program designed to provide the necessary interdisciplinary training in cancer research required of tomorrow’s scientist as they take on and solve the problems.
discovery High school students participating in the discovery workshop organized by the education trainee committee.

Cancer Biology Concentration Graduates

Mam Mboge, Ph.D. (graduated Oct. 2018)


Varsha Sundaresan, Ph.D. (graduated Nov. 2018)


Amani Harrandah, Ph.D. (graduated Nov. 2018)


Yue Jiang, Ph.D. (graduated Apr. 2019)


Vindhya Vijay, Ph.D. (graduating June 2019)


Q & A with Varsha Sundaresan, Ph.D.


Why did you choose the cancer biology concentration?

What was the most beneficial thing you learned/experienced with this concentration?

What was your favorite part of the concentration?

I have no doubt that many of us from the concentration will continue to keep in touch and collaborate in the future.
Varsha Sundaresan, Ph.D.

What is your plan for the future and how does this concentration play into that?