UFHCC International Graduate Students Spotlight

Featuring a Q&A with UFHCC international student Mai Tanaka

UFHCC international graduate students Spotlight


Q&A with Mai Tanaka


What has your experience as an international student at UF been like?

Where are you originally from, and what influenced you to come to UF?

"UF celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity, so being an international student here is seamless. No one treats you differently, so I feel at home."

What has been the most beneficial part of being an international student at UF? Most challenging?

"Regardless of my background, I feel accepted and welcomed to be a part of The Gator Nation!"

How did you originally become involved with the UF Health Cancer Center?

How have your leadership roles at the UF Health Cancer Center impacted your time at UF?

What do the honors and awards you've received while at the University of Florida mean to you?

"Dr. Siemann and the members of the Siemann lab have been instrumental in training me to be an independent researcher."