Shared Resource Spotlight: NextGen DNA Sequencing

Everything You Need to Know About This ICBR Shared Resource

The NextGen DNA Sequencing team Ben Hoffman, Core Research Technician III, Diansy Zincke, Ph.D., Xiao Hui Zhou, Core Research Technician III, David Moraga, Ph.D.

What’s important for Cancer Center members to know about the NextGen DNA Sequencing shared resource?

DNA Sequencing Xiao Hui Zhou, NextGen Core Technician III operating new PacBio Sequel IIe

What services does NextGen DNA Sequencing offer and why should our members utilize them?

Sequencing Diansy Zincke, Ph.D., NextGen Core Facility Specialist II working on the Illumina NovaSeq 6000

What is a particularly notable service that you want to make sure members are aware of?

Sequencing Setting-up a long-read sequencing run on the Sequel IIe

What is the relationship between NextGen DNA Sequencing and our other shared resources?

"There are significant benefits that can be realized in the form increased rigor and reproducibility by viewing and using the core resources in an integrated fashion."

What are some examples of cancer-related, NextGen DNA Sequencing-Assisted Research at UF?

SMRTcells for a SEQUEL IIe run Xiao Hui Zhou, NextGen Core Technician III unpacking SMRTcells for a SEQUEL IIe run

What do you enjoy about your role as the Director of NextGen DNA Sequencing?

David Moraga, Ph.D. David Moraga, Ph.D. NextGen Core Director operating the Illumina MiSeq